What is Vengeance?

Established in 2017, Vengeance has emerged as a PvX guild based on the upcoming MMO, Ashes of Creation. The Guild is looking to build a strong community of hardcore gamers to dominate our chosen server.

Vengeance is run as a democracy, allowing all members to have a voice regarding the guild’s decisions and direction. With a comprehensive hierarchy system in place, Vengeance will allow all members to grow and have a place within the guild.

Guild Point System

Whether you're an economist, a crafter, or a pvper, Vengeance has developed a system in which all members will benefit from what they do. Members will receive points for their contributions towards the guild through any form of guild activity. We encourage activity amongst each other and our community. These interactions can lead to redeemable guild points.

These points can be redeemed within our internal guild store. The guild store will allow members to spend their earned guild points to redeem out of game or in-game items.

Vengeance's Core

Vengeance has a check and balance system in place to prevent any form of tyranny. The guild is run by 4 core founders known as the 4 horsemen.

Each Horseman will manage different aspects of the guild. This ensures roles are delegated and the guild isn't dependant on one individual.

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